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The Complete Disc Jockey:
A Comprehensive Manual for the Professional Disc Jockey

Supplement Your DJ Income... WITH DJ INCOME!!!


 DJs: Have you had to look outside the DJ industry to make ends meet?  Have economic hard times pushed your income down and overhead up?  Do you want to DO something about it?

30-year-vetran disc jockey Stu Chisholm has written a fantastic book that covers more than a dozen different types of opportunities for disc jockeys through it's 140+ pages. Stu began his career as a mobile entertainer, spinning his first wedding reception back in 1979, and over the years has also worked in many other facets of the industry, including radio, nightclubs, underground raves, ice and roller rinks, and even commercial voice-over work and webcasting.  Stu’s book lays out the skills that all DJs have in common and then branches out into what each different job will entail.  There are units on techniques, gear, business tips & promotion, and show and personality development: those things that make each DJ – and performance – unique!  Both professionals and casual readers will also enjoy the “Tales From the Trenches,” true stories of some of the more unusual moments and events during Stu’s long career.

Currently, Stu is still an active disc jockey and a columnist for Mobile Beat Magazine.  Whether you're an established working DJ, just starting out or simply want to know what all the fuss is about, you will find this book invaluable!

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Stu, circa 1982

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